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Wednesday, March 12th 2008

7:00 PM

The History Channel - British Big cats

The History Channel will be in search for evidence of British Big Cats as part of their 'Monster Quest' series, and will be filming at the end of March, beginning of April.
The search is on for the evidence, video footage, casts, photographs recordings, eye-witness accounts.
Have you seen a big cat in the British countryside, more importantly have you any evidence?
A search for a suitable location, on land with frequent sightings is also being sought for two nights filming. Big Cats in Britain press release.
Can you help. Big cats are reported everyday from somewhere in Britain, yet the hard evidence to support these black cats is virtually non-existent. People are obviously seeing something, but what. Can you help clear up the mystery?
Mark Fraser is collating the evidence, please contact him on 07940 016972, or email at bigcatsinbritain@btinternet.com or visit the website at www.bigcatsinbritain.org

Big Cats in Britain (BCIB) is the only group in Britain dedicated on a daily basis to finding out the answers to the big cat mystery. We have a core of experts that we can call upon, including scientists, zoologists, professional trackers, and police officers.
 There is no such thing as a black puma, and black leopards are relatively rare in their country of origin. People in the UK are seeing something, but what? We need that evidence

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Thursday, February 21st 2008

4:59 PM

western nsw sightings increase

More sightings of "big cats" are coming in from western sydney and north western nsw.
Is that due to more media interest and then more reports or are there actually increases in big cats moving round for people to see.
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Wednesday, February 20th 2008

4:37 PM

new sighting

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Tuesday, February 19th 2008

4:19 PM

Looks like a cougar...but

We visited a gory kill site a few months ago where the farmer found a large brown cat next to a calf and its mum.It had chased the mum around until it twisted its neck and was on the ground and then had eaten about 30lbs/15k in a few hours.
But..on the property next doot there are big brown cats.??
And this property has only brown...
What the ?? 
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Monday, February 18th 2008

3:37 PM

native big cats??

The idea of a native cat in Australia that has escaped the attention of white people for 200 years and aboriginals for several thousand in weird.
Could it be possible.?
The only recognised cat like animal native to Australia are the tiger cats which look like a cross between an otter and a weasel.
The only other native animal that might fit the "big cat" look is wakaleo which is a supposedly extinct form of thylacoleo, the extinct marsupial lion,which was first identified in 1859.
There are some eamples of cat like animals in very early rock art forms called "the bradshaws" which appear to predate the aboriginals in Australia.
The art work looks like it is Indian influenced and looks nothing like the "standard" koori art.
Big Cats in Australia.!

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Sunday, February 17th 2008

9:44 AM

dog and cat prints

How many people are aware of the difference between big cat prints and dog.we have spoken to  some farmers which could not tell the difference between dog and cat which is idd.
And what are we to make of five toed prints ...the only animal that we are aware of that can show 5 toed in felid.
Big cats in Australia sometimes having 5 toes.
The whole thing is very strange.

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Saturday, February 16th 2008

4:27 PM

Savage shadow

WA publisher Avon Lovell in 1981 placed a $10,000.00 price tag on the elusive head of the Australian cougar.He was set to pay the reward to the first person to capture alive a wild cougar in Western Australia.

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Friday, February 15th 2008

10:19 AM

WA cats

Whats baffling is that the number of cat reports appear to differ in the descriptions of the animals sizes and colours.
How can "pumas" be brown, brown and white, black with white and brown etc.
It doesnt make any sense.
There may be big cats in Australia but the whole phenomena is very odd.
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Thursday, February 14th 2008

5:03 PM

This was a real reward offered for the proof of big cats in Western Australia in 1981.

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Wednesday, February 13th 2008

10:34 AM

Marsupial Lion

Is this supposedly extinct animal the real killer of sheep and cattle that Australian farmers are claiming is causing havoc in some areas of the country.

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